Saturday, February 13, 2010

OpenCV using Cocoa On Xcode 3.2

Got bored and decided to play around with OpenCV using cocoa. There is nothing special on this application except that it detect faces. I added some image filters to the application just for demo and testing purposes. Once the application is running, try pressing below keys for different views:

n - normal view
s - sobel edge detection
d - dilation
e - erosion
o - salt and pepper noise addition
g - grayscale
t - otsu threshold

This application requires the snow leopard. You can download it here.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Effects for Photo Booth by notoryus

Hey guys!

I have created a small application which can add more effects on your photo booth and ichat application.

Click here to download Effects

This was tested on snow leopard 10.6.2. However, I do not take responsibility in any loss or damage on using this application. Use it at your own risk.

Installation and usage:
Make sure photo booth and ichat are closed
Back up your /System/Library/Compositions/ folder, put it anywhere
Download the Effects
Go to Terminal (type x11 in your spotlight)
On the terminal, go to your downloads folder or the folder where downloaded it
verify Effects is there using ls Effects
type in chmod 777 Effects
type ./Effects then follow the instructions
Open your photo booth and enjoy the new effects

if your photo booth won't start after this delete all files on you /Users/(your username)/Library/Compositions/

Please advise me how it went for you using the comments!

Enjoy ;)

Merry xmas to all!


Monday, August 10, 2009

すましラーメン (Sumashi Ramen)

Last sunday, pareng jerome-san and I spent the day in Sanjo roaming around. After mass, we went to our favorite ramen shop and of course ordere sumashi ramen! I've been working here in Japan for about 16 months, and sumashi is the best ramen for me as of now.

Ramen Shop
(Sorry I can't read much kanji.)

I think only 15 people can eat at the same time on this shop.


おこしやす (This means welcome in Kansai Language)

すましラーメン(Sumashi Ramen)

If you're heading to Kyoto, you might want to visit the shop. These photos where taken using my 3GS, however, only the first one has geo tagging because there is no signal inside. I am still investigating on how to decode the tag and show the map directly to my posts. So for now, you can import the photo to your iPhoto or any tool to view the location.

Nike+ 3GS

Today I got my nike+ sensor. I immediately ran and burned 300 calories. It's not much but hey this is a nice start to burn the fats. It is really accurate as of my first run. I am exploring on custom workouts, if you have any advice please feel free to comment on my post. Thanks!!


3GS Screen

My Shoes

Saturday Sushi

My 1 year project was finally labeled v1.0.0.0 last week, which means 0 (zero) pressure for now at least.

So I decided to take a walk and refresh for a moment on a very sunny saturday. I was planning to walk around Kyoto train station but then decided to go in Sanjo to spend the rest of the day.

Besides from walking all day long, I ate sushi for lunch. This restaurant is a traditional japanese sushi-ya, it has a conveyor belt where sushi travels around the customers and waiting for pick up.


Rotating sushi

I also took pictures of my personal favorites on that shop:
(5.0 is highest)

1. 生いか (fresh squid) Rating: 5.0
The squids where very fresh, I really thought that eating them is like eating rubber bands, but I was surprised how soft they were.

2. つけまぐろ (tuna) Rating 4.8
This was just an ordinary tuna sushi except that the tuna was 1 inch wide and around 2 1/2 inches long.

3. まぐろ (tuna) Rating: 4.5
Only that out part of the fish is lightly cooked, it was very tasty and also there was a minty taste which blends well with the fish.

4. 生えび (fresh shrimp) Rating: 4.5

Shrimps are cut wide spread with wasabi underneath them. Nothing special except that it was noticeably very soft.


I am a wasabi freak. I love the intense feeling it brings! hehe


It was a very hot day in Kyoto last saturday. So I decided to quench the thirst when I saw this shop.

Hyuga Summer
I got this drink from the above shop, it was a bit cheap, only 350円. I thought that it was a sweet fruity drink, but it surprised me. It's like putting 1/4 vinegar and 1/2 water and 1/4 ice! It was so sour, no fruity taste at all. It was like "sukang paombong" with water. After 5 sips, the taste became better, my taste buds might have adjusted.

Hope you enjoyed it!

Next post would be Sunday Ramen..

Monday, July 27, 2009

Rebooting my blog

I've decided to revive my blog again.

This time I will be putting interesting contents about gadgets, rants and raves, interesting facts, working in Japan, living in Kyoto and of course some code snippets.

Stay tuned and enjoy.